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niedziela, 22 listopada 2020

Who killed President Kennedy?


The president's car just before the attack

Everyone knows this movie: the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy in his open car smiles at the people gathered in the streets of Dallas, a moment later he grabs his neck and then throws himself backwards, next to his head you can clearly see a cloud of blood and torn brain tissue. It is Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30. An hour and a half later, the hospital was officially pronounced dead. At this point, Kennedy has become a mythological figure whose things as trivial as facts do not concern.
Unfortunately, the truth is that Kennedy was possibly the worst and stupidest president in US history.

The mistakes he made were catastrophic for both the US and the world. In April 1961 he allowed Castro troops armed to the teeth by the Russians to massacre the Cuban Contrast. The Americans organized a transfer to the island, but at a decisive moment they refused to support them. The disgrace at the Bay of Pigs has disastrous consequences for Latin America to this day. Soon Soviet rockets appeared in Cuba, as Nikita Khrushchev decided to let the Americans have a hedgehog in their pants. The Cuban crisis, which almost led to World War III, was averted by a naval blockade. Kennedy's apologists portray this as his tremendous success without questioning who allowed it all to happen.

Even more stupid, the 35th US president showed up on Vietnam by ordering the CIA to liquidate the local dictator Diem in 1963. It's worse like a crime, it's a mistake as Duke Talleyrand used to say. Vietnam plunged into chaos, which the communists immediately took advantage of. Everyone knows what to be done: the American intervention ended in a pitiful retreat from Saigon besieged by Vietcong, arousing the joy of US friends around the world.

However, not only in foreign policy Kennedy and his advisers made all possible mistakes. They also managed to mess up their domestic politics quite well. In 1961, Kennedy issued a decree introducing Affirmative Action. The absurd actions of the administration in this matter have become the cornerstone of the social disadvantage and poverty of certain groups in the US. Over the last 40 years, the gap between rich and poor has not decreased. On the contrary, we can observe an increase in the phenomena of social pathology.

The mistakes of the US president 35 could be enumerated for a long time to come. Interestingly, no facts can shake his mythological image. The entire, uninteresting Kennedy clan is also mythologized. The patriarch of the family, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, made his money through the illegal trade in alcohol during Prohibition. As the US ambassador to London in 1940, he called for isolationism and a deal with Hitler. After John's death, the hope of the family was his younger brother Robert, murdered by a Palestinian assassin. Edward turned out to be a typical degenerate of a wealthy home, whose political career was not interrupted even by the scandal over the drowning of the secretary. It seems that the only sensible person from this family was Joseph Patrick Kennedy jr. Unfortunately, he died in 1944 in a voluntary aviation mission.

Even more so, the mythology concerns the Dallas attack itself. The question of who killed Kennedy is a problem for many people, and new books and films are constantly being made on the subject. And yet it is enough to look at publicly available documents and it will already be known that the murderer of the president was KGB agent Lee Harwey Oswald. The problem is that leftists of all sorts are stupid to admit it, which is why they constantly invent new idiocy on this subject. It would take a long time to enumerate all the conspiracy theories that excited the media, as the perpetrators were: the CIA, the Ku-Klux-Klan, Cuban contras, the mafia and aliens. Recently, the theme of the Masonic-banking conspiracy has become fashionable. It is enough to reject Occam's razor, which requires searching for the simplest and obvious explanations in order to produce new nonsense about the alleged murderers of the US president. On the occasion of the next anniversary of the attack, the number of such publications will increase. For reasonable people, however, dry facts should be enough, even though they look much less effective than mythology.

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